the talbert manual

The Talbert Manual

Our innovative Talbert Manual presents everything up front, helping control the problems of running over budget as well as outlines the necessary decisions you must make to stay on schedule. Additionally, our contant-rich manual includes total costs, construction agreements, construction specifications, and total allowance & selection sheets.

Sections of the Talbert manual include:

behind this tab, you will find a detailed list of my preferred vendors, the products they supply, along with their address, phone number, and name of the sales associate who normally assist my clients. Call, make an appointment to view and discuss the product, and its cost, that is specified behind the Building Specification Tab and the Allowance and Selection Tab.

In this section we will discuss total cost estimates for the price of your new home including the construction fee. We pledge the cost of you new home will not exceed this price, unless you have chosen to initiate a change order for extras.

This section of our manual will explain the concept from which your new home will be constructed. It will list everything from the square footages of concrete, size of footings, number of courses of concrete block for your foundation, square footage of ceramic tile, hardwood floors, and even the lineal footage of hanger bar in the closets, just to name a few. Our building specifications cover the complete construction of you home.

Behind this tab you will find a complete summary of allowances for all products that you need to select for you new house. You will find the allowances for everything from kitchen cabinets, carpeting, and ceramic tile, to vanity tops, windows, front door & even the fire place mantel, just to name a few. With the allowance & selection sheet, advising you of specified selections and their costs, the fun and excitement really beings. Just check the introduction section for preferred vendors and their products, then start shopping!

If your selections cost less than the allowance, the difference will be subtracted from the maximum cost of yoru home. If you decide to upgrade any of your selections, the difference plus 15% will be added to your cost. Even though the decisions of your selections are yours, we have selected certain products and suppliers that would better satisfy the desire of the Talbert Group to construct the best home possible for you and your family. However, we recommend you shop all local quality suppliers before making your final decision.

Talbert Homes & More supplies you a copy of our construction agreement up front. Our agreement discusses contract documents, completion dates, permits, contact prices, payment schedules, change orders, insurance, customer responsibilities, building limitation, completion of residence and occupancy, warranties, Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards, and termination & dispute resolution procedures. Talbert Homes & More places everything up front so there are no unhappy surprises or miscommunications.

In this section, find brochures and computer drawings plus additional information for your kitchen, bathrooms and utility room. These drawings and brochures will certainly help in the selection of product for all these areas. With the building specifications and the allowance & selection sheets, you will know exactly your allowance and specs for kitchen cabinets and counter tops, utility room cabinets and tops, bathroom vanities, vanity tops, appliances, ceramic tile or marble, mirrors, plumbing fixtures and plumbing hardware, cameo whirlpool tubs and showers, and even shower doors.

In this section you will find brochures and additional information for the interior of your house. From the building specifications and the allowance & selection sheets, you will know exactly your allowance and specs for all electrical wiring, plumbing items, carpet and pad, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, lighting fixtures, stairway, fireplace and fireplace mantel, security system if specked, closet shelving, interior doors and trim, central vacuum if specked, and the heating and cooling system. Check our preferred vendor list for the above listed products and make your selections.

In this section you will find brochures and additional information for the exterior of your house. Everything from window and door selections, brick, siding, roofing materials and exterior product brochures are included behind this tab.

For you convenience, this section contains copies of the change order forms should you choose to go over your allowances, make a change in the construction plans, or building specifications.